Emotional Alchemist Book

The core of this book teaches emotional alchemy at its core essence. It shows that we don’t have to sit back and let life go by effecting us, but instead see that we are not separate from life and that it always takes care of itself. We gain control back to now consciously decide what kind of adventure we want to live and to share that journey with the ones we love to the fullest.

Emotional Alchemist – Purchase Here

Here is the books description:

emotional alchemy bookEmotional Alchemist is a book which seeks to pull us from the drama that we can get caught up in. Trapped like prey in a spider web. While the arachnid of delusion sucks our life’s essence this book allows one to see that not only are you not actually in this web. But you have complete control of freeing yourself. In a sense, we are able to see that it’s more like a movie that we are creator, director, player, audience, etc.

It frees you from the feeling of helplessness/separation and into a world that is fully supportive of you. It always has been and is rooting for your freedom just as much as you want it. Emotional Alchemy allows its user to transform their energy from a perceived negative to a positive and to use that energy to propel ourselves radically outward to creatively share our one of a kind brilliance with those we love and to finally be able to love ourselves completely.

Are you ready to take on the task that you have been putting off for so long? Are you ready to become self-content? And to share that self love unconditionally because of its naturally overflowing nature? You are in for the most exhilarating adventure of your life. The story of you!

What Is Emotional Alchemy?

In a nut shell, It the the radical transformation of unconscious reactions toward others into a conscious response through mindfulness and compassion of who we are. It is finding out who we are and using that to share with others through our own practical living. Emotional alchemy isn’t magic and you can read more about it in the post what is emotional alchemy?


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