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How Emotional Alchemy Can Transform A Toxic Relationship

emotional alchemy toxic relationshipI’m sure what brought you here is the fact that you have been through or are currently experiencing that thing in a relationship that eats away at us. Yes, you’ve began to catch on to the fact that toxic relationships are part of life, and they suck! They seem to pull us apart at all of our best seems and give us a false self image of not only ourselves but of the one we currently feel closest to. So how can we transform this process through emotional alchemy?

And I will get to that in a minute…

First let’s take a look at what sets up the grounds of a toxic relationship. When we form our ideas about someone, we slowly begin to put them in a box. Not because we are consciously trying to hurt them but because we lovingly want to keep that beautiful image of them.

This limiting process seems to be based around our desire to control how we interact with life.

But let’s think about this for a minute. Our beloved/friend isn’t a finite picture (or a snapshot that we’ve taken and want to match up 24/7). They are always constantly changing. They are much as dynamically active as we are with our ideas, beliefs, and concepts. They are like a river that is ever changing at any given moment. So why are we doing this to anyone we are relating to?

This is the very start of the potential for a toxic relationship.

We are basically saying that we will like this person, as long as they match up with what we want, not for who they actually are. Then our sense of limitation typically will go further to want to control. So when the beloved/friend doesn’t act out of the image we have of them, we create a conflict from it. But if we can see how selfish this belief of thinking is, we can begin to correct it inside. We can see that in order to be satisfied with another is to let them be who they are and to dynamically adjust to who they are becoming from moment to moment.

Our emotional alchemy then transforms a toxic relationship into a dynamic one. We see that we don’t have to control someone through manipulation just like we don’t have to control the sun for it to shine.

We can love each other for who we are, not try and force each other to be something we want them to be. And as a by-product of teaching ourselves this, we may even begin to see which things inside ourselves we may or may not want to change. There is nothing saying that this process is always easy but use the emotion you have inside to guide you to the belief that is limiting you from having relationship free of possession and control.

This trust in relationships, leads can lead us out of toxic relationship and can transform them into something more rich and beautiful. Remember that emotional alchemy is about dropping our ideas and limitations of others from moment to moment. If you begin to work on that, health may just come back into how you relate to people.

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